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College Watches

Going to college is one of the most exciting and most important times of anyone's life.  When going to college it can get pretty intense when it comes to studies.  College sports is one of those events to get away and forget about academic life and just cheer your heart out for your team.  We at golden box jewelry have what you need to help support your team.  We have men's and women's college watches to choose from.  Each college watch is made of the finest metals around and is designed with you in mind.  All these college watches match colors and logo of your home team so you can show your team spirit with pride and much enjoyment.  Our college watches will stand out in any crowd and get the attention of anyone.  Are you a college student ready to support your team?  Then buy one of our college watches today!
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Watch History!

All during history time has been one of the most important part of our lives. Time has evolved from the beginning sun dial, to a mechanical device called a clock, to spinning off of the clock to having a small pocket watch and finally but not least the all important wrist watch. It has been quite a ride!
Believe it or not each wrist watch today came from the the huge spring powered clocks of the 14th century clocks. Time pieces have evolved so much that when world war 1 came each man had a pocket watch to carry around while on the battle field to keep time. From that war came an idea to use a bracelet to attach to that pocket watch and the wrist watch was born!. During the hippy error of the 1960's electronic watches came on the scene. Even though electronic watches took over the market, mechanical time pieces are still going strong. When wearing a mechanical time piece everyone knows they are wearing history, a piece of time that will never go away as long as we continue to revolve around the sun.. We at golden box jewelry present these college watches are a part of that history and also part of our memories as we finish our years with our college experience.

Collegiate gift!

When your son or daughter goes to college it is extremely important to dress and accessorize as other students do to blend in and not be so distracted with social appearance but be focused on studies. Whether you like it or not appearance is apart of social acceptance! Golden box jewelry has a part of that accessory that will complete your son or daughter as they navigate the college experience. What better gift to give then college watches to show that team spirit! When walking into a class room it would be a conversation piece to last the college experience...